Prist Acrylic and Plastic Cleaner




  • The convenient 13-ounce can is ideal for use on acrylic, stretched acrylic, poly carbonate, glass, and coated glass. It may also be used for cleaning many other sources including aircraft interiors, goggles, helmets, lenses, and plastic and metal surfaces.
  • Prist® cleaner contains no abrasive cleaning agents and cleans without scratching glass or plastic surfaces. This prevents scratches in acrylic windshields that necessitate costly replacement.
  • Unlike other cleaners, Prist® cleaner dispenses as foam and leaves no residue. The cleaning agent soaks into the dirt, grease and insects to remove them with minimum effort.
  • Suitable for interior and exterior cleaning, Prist® cleaner prevents static charge build-up with regular use.
  • Available in the USA only.

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1 Can, Case (12 Pack)